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Season Six

Ashes To Ashes

Production # 938
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Original Airdate: 1 March, 2000
Order in Season 6: 6 Order in VOY: 126
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Original Stardate: 53???.?
Order in Season 6: __ Order in VOY: __
Order for all Star Trek series: __

Synopsis - The crew of Voyager is somewhat skeptical when former crewmember Lindsay Ballard returns from the dead. Also, Seven is finding difficulty in her role as guardian to four ex-Borg children.

Ashes To Ashes dust to dust, as the saying goes. This episode introduces an interesting concept, a race that procreates entirely by harvesting the dead bodies of other races, reanimating them and altering their DNA to their own. This concept though somewhat disturbing provides for quite an interesting episode; particularly seeing Ballard try to get back into her Voyager life after over two years living as a Kobali. And just when it seems like she remembers everything from her old life, we learn she can't remember a thing about her real father, a prominent university professor. Also amusing is Harry's romance with Lindsay; especially with Tom's comment about keeping score (Harry falling for the wrong twin, a holodeck character, and now the dearly departed; among other mistakes).
Amidst the distubing concept this episode presents, comes the comic relief, in the form of Seven trying to rear the four Borg children taken on board a few episodes earlier in #935 Collective. With catch phrases such as "Fun will now commence" and "Activate punishment protocall nine-alpha", Seven learns that she needs to back down from structured activities just a little, and allow the children to actually explore their individuality.


Series' Regulars
Captain Kathryn Janeway™ - Kate Mulgrew
Commander Chakotay™ - Robert Beltran
Lieutenant Commander Tuvok™ - Tim Russ
The Doctor™ - Robert Picardo
B'Elanna Torres™ - Roxann Dawson
Lieutenant Tom Paris™ - Robert Duncan McNeill
Ensign Harry Kim™ - Garrett Wang
7 of 9™ - Jeri Ryan
Neelix™ - Ethan Phillips

Naomi Wildman - Scarlett Pomers
Computer Voice - Majel Barrett

Guest Cast
Ensign Lindsay Ballard - Kim Rhodes
Mezoti - Marley McClean
Q'ret - Kevin Lowe
Icheb - Manu Intiraymi
Azan - Kurt Wetherill
Rebi - Cody Wetherill

Teleplay by:

Robert Doherty
Story by: Ronald Wilkerson
Directed by: Terry Windell

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