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Season Six

Spirit Folk

Production # 937
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Original Airdate: 23 February, 2000
Order in Season 6: 6 Order in VOY: 126
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Original Stardate: 53???.?
Order in Season 6: __ Order in VOY: __
Order for all Star Trek series: __

Synopsis - After being left on all the time for weeks, the townspeople of Fair Haven begin to grow suspicious of the Voyager crew when they witness them calling up the computer.

Spirit Folk is what the townspeople of Fair Haven are calling the Voyager crew in this interesting sequel to the episode from earlier this season. Similar situations can be found in the Next Generation's #152 Who Watches The Watchers and the Original Series episode The Original Series > Season 3 > #78 All Our Yesterdays'; return true">#78 All Our Yesterdays. This episode also explores the problems with leaving a holodeck program running all the time. Now you may ask yourselves then how did Deep Space Nine get away with it with Vic Fontaine? Well consider this: Vic Fontaine was a much more complex holomatrix who actually knew that he was hologram composed of photons and forcefields (much like the Doctor), and because of his complex matrix, he was able to tap into the holosuite systems himself and move around them, and likely perform some self-maintenance as well.
As with other episodes like this, it explores the distrust of technology misunderstood. Some key humourous moments to watch for are, Tom's car accident and Tom turning Harry's date into a cow. Also the Doctor as usual provides some great comic relief.


Series' Regulars
Captain Kathryn Janeway™ - Kate Mulgrew
Commander Chakotay™ - Robert Beltran
Lieutenant Commander Tuvok™ - Tim Russ
The Doctor™ - Robert Picardo
B'Elanna Torres™ - Roxann Dawson
Lieutenant Tom Paris™ - Robert Duncan McNeill
Ensign Harry Kim™ - Garrett Wang
7 of 9™ - Jeri Ryan
Neelix™ - Ethan Phillips

Computer Voice - Majel Barrett

Guest Cast
- Richard Riehle
- Ian Abercrombie
- Ian Patrick Williams
- Henriette Ivanans
- Duffie McIntire
- Fintan McKeowan

Written by:

Bryan Fuller
Directed by: David Livingston

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