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Season Four


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Original Airdate: __ _____, 1998
Order in Season 4: __ Order in VOY: __
Order for all Star Trek series: __
Original Stardate: 51___._
Order in Season 4: __ Order in VOY: __
Order for all Star Trek series: __
Synopsis - With deuterium levels all but exhausted, and ship systems down to minimum operating level, Harry and Tom volunteer to go down to a "demon-class" planet to collect deuterium; where they are apparently converted to breathe the planet's poisonous gasses.

Demon deals with a living metal that has the capability of copying and duplicating DNA, and experiences thought for the first time. The story touches upon cloning, but without really delving into the implications; for a real episode on cloning, check out the Next Generation's Up The Long Ladder.


Series' Regulars/Irregulars
Captain Kathryn Janeway™ - Kate Mulgrew
Commander Chakotay™ - Robert Beltran
Lieutenant Commander Tuvok™ - Tim Russ
The Doctor™ - Robert Picardo
B'Elanna Torres™ - Roxann Dawson
Lieutenant Tom Paris™ - Robert Duncan McNeill
Ensign Harry Kim™ - Garrett Wang
7 of 9™ - Jeri Ryan
Neelix™ - Ethan Phillips

Guest Cast
Ensign Vorik - Alexander Enberg

Teleplay by:

Kenneth Biller
Story by: Andre Bormanis
Directed by: Anson Williams

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