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Season Four

Living Witness

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Original Airdate: __ _____, 1998
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A quote from this episode has been featured in the Quote-of-the-Week. Synopsis - 700 years after Voyager's pass through the Delta Quadrant, the Doctor is reactivated in an alien museum which depicts Voyager and her crew as a warship filled with savages who started a great war on their planet.

Living Witness is a fascinating look at just how history can be misconstrued and rewritten over the centuries, often for political means. The Kyrians, who created the museum, and are at this point, for the most part peaceful, didn't want to believe just how savage their people once were. The Vaskans, for lack of better evidence, and for the sake of maintaining peace in the present went along with it; as it was simply easier to blame a third party. Although as we saw, the Vaskans still didn't like the way the Kyrians made them out to be partial to the Voyager, while they made themselves the hero. As for Quarren, a man who respected Voyager's mission of getting home across a great distance, still, especially being Kyrian, didn't want to admit, at first that there could be any other truth to the Voyager story.

Key differences in the Kyrian depiction of Voyager:

If I've missed any key differences, please e-mail me.


Series' Regulars/Irregulars
Captain Kathryn Janeway™ - Kate Mulgrew
Commander Chakotay™ - Robert Beltran
Lieutenant Commander Tuvok™ - Tim Russ
The Doctor™ - Robert Picardo
B'Elanna Torres™ - Roxann Dawson
Lieutenant Tom Paris™ - Robert Duncan McNeill
Ensign Harry Kim™ - Garrett Wang
7 of 9™ - Jeri Ryan
Neelix™ - Ethan Phillips

Guest Cast
Quarren - Henry Woronicz
Daleth - Rod Arrants
Vaskan Arbiter - Craig Richard Nelson
Kyrian Arbiter - Marie Chambers
Tedran - Brian Fitzpatrick
Vaskan Vistitor - Morgan Margolis

Teleplay by:

Bryan Fuller
Story by: Brannon Braga
Directed by: Tim Russ

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